We are a non-commercially motivated organization. Our goal is for those who attend to experience a lifetime of connection and blessings. We are women who come from a very colorful and diverse background and we are catering to women much like us in similar circumstances.  Through all retreats for women are exceptional experiences, we strive to keep our retreat oriented to those women living day to day, paycheck to paycheck, and hand to mouth. We know and still experience that type of lifestyle and understand how important it is to have an affordable event like this. Wealth and poverty have no status for us, for we are Women and Goddesses first. 

Kat has been with the event from the start. She has lead workshops, organizes the event, aids attendees and staff, and keeps things running smoothly. We also have reason to believe that she may be a crow in a human body, but we lack evidence. 



Monica has been a Lead Fire Tender for many years.  She tends the Sacred Fire, leads workshops, and creates our beautiful Labyrinth every year. 


Long time member, Jamie is there for whatever needs done.  This year, she is stepping in to be an assistant in the Red Tent. 


Polly is the face behind the camera at our events.  She even does portraits Saturday before Main Ritual. In addition to her photography duties, she is the Leader of the Savage Daughters (attendees that range in age from 18-22), and is a helper for anyone who needs a hand. 


Angel has been around for a long time. She can usually be found in the Hearth or teaching the Craft workshop.