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Vendor Registration

We encourage people to sign up and showcase their skills, services, and products!

It costs $20 to register. We reserve the right to refuse a vendor application on any grounds and will notify the vendor of the refusal. We do not guarantee that any vendor will turn a profit.

As this is a women's retreat, we discourage allowing men or masculine-presenting persons to help with the vending.  If you need someone to help with set up or tear down, contact us so we can make arrangements.

All vendors and assistants/helpers must be registered attendees of the retreat.  We allow vendors to arrive at 3 PM on Thursday to start setting up. Vendors must be ready for business by the shopping time slot on Friday.

The vending area is outside. Vendors must provide their own popup tents, tables, etc. There is no electricity in the vending area. Please try to keep your area 10'x10' or less. Setting up tables or selling merchandise anywhere but the vending area is prohibited. ​


Once registered, we may ask for more information regarding your shop. A short blurb, associated picture(s), and/or link(s) will appear within the marketplace page here; announced on the GWG Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; and added to the welcome packet. We encourage vendors to submit a post to the appropriate discord channel and/or tumblr. If any changes or adjustments need to be made, please let a member of staff know.​

Vendor Registration
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Thanks for registering. See you there!

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