Green Women Gathering

Fall Retreat
September 8-11, 2022



This year's retreat theme is Fire. The weekend will be focused on how the Element of Fire and the Goddesses of Fire aid us to take action to grow and heal ourselves. We are all keepers of our personal sacred flames and this weekend hopes to aid each individual in nurturing that sacred spark so they can find the light within themselves and maybe share that light with the world around them. Green Women Gathering is often a very healing experience for its attendees if they allow it to be. Our workshops and rituals will be centered on ways to develop an active relationship with the Fire within you. 

We are holding the retreat in a new location this year and going back to our roots a little. We have found a beautiful, rustic location for this year's retreat that will not only allow us to develop community, but truly get back to nature. We will be tenting on a hilltop overlooking the Mother Earth. This is a rustic location meaning we will be staying in a location with limited electricity (just one outlet of the whole camp, so we can charge our phones), non-electric cabin space only available for attendees with mobility issues, and we will need to pack tents to sleep in. The good news is that we will have running water and state of the art composting toilets. 

Please note, information in workshops and rituals is not to be taken as professional medical advice.  Consult your doctor for health issues.


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