Sacred Fire

Sit by the fire and relax or meditate. This is the spot where we gather for rituals, a few workshops, and just hang out. We have Fire-tenders led by Monica who watch over the fire all weekend keep it going day and night. Please respect this area as a sacred space.  We do allow cooking on the fire at mealtimes. Please to not put anything on the fire without checking with the Tender on Duty first, and please, do not put trash on the fire for any reason. 


The Red Tent

The Red Tent is where you can go to learn about  Sacred Womanhood and Sacred Sexuality in all its forms. All attendees are welcome. Our new Red Tent Preistess, Jamie, will have the tent open all weekend for you to relax, learn, and discuss. Please note, we do host workshops in the Red Tent focused on sexuality. 


Goddess Green

Just outside the Hearth is a beautiful tree lined green space. Here is where we socialize, hold workshops, and just enjoy the grass. The Vendor area is close by. 


The Marketplace

The Marketplace is located near the Hearth and the Goddess Green. Here you will find all types of treasures from jewelry to artwork.  Vendors attending this Retreat will be listed on the Vendor page. If you are interested in vending at this year's Retreat, please register on our Vendor Sign Up page. 


Artimis' Grove

Sitting a little off the Goddess Green is a Quiet Area that we call Artimis' Grove. Within this area you will find the GWG Annual Group Painting and plenty of space to meditate, relax, journal, etc. 

The Group Painting is a painting that everyone attending is asked to respectfully add to. Canvas, paints, and brushes are provided.  Add you own touch whenever you feel called to. 


The Hearth

Even though it it not in the physical center of camp, this big round building is a central hub of activity for the weekend. The Hearth houses the Raffle items, several workshops, the Coffee and Water Station, the Kitchen, the Friday Night Potluck, an area to do crafts, and plenty of space to hang out. We also allow crockpots for cooking and electronic devices to be plugged in here. Also, if you are lost or need information, this is the place to go. 


Wolf Lodge

This little cabin is a sits on the hill above the Main Camp. It is where you find the showers for camp use; there are only two showers, so please plan your shower times and be prepared to wait. This cabin is used as lodging during the retreat by attendees, please be respectful of those who are lodging there.