Scholarship Application

Thanks for submitting!

We understand that for some of our sisters the cost of this retreat is beyond their budget but at the same time this retreat would be the spiritual break they need.  The past year has been rough for us all and with that in mind, we have several scholarships to offer for the Fall 2021 Retreat.  

You may apply for yourself (there is no shame in asking for a hand up) or apply for a sister you know could benefit from the weekend but does not have the means to afford it.  Applications must be received by August 14th.   Scholarship recipients will be notified by August 22nd. 

We ask two things from scholarship recipients, 1) you attend the retreat if you won (barring emergencies that may arise) and 2) donate 1 hour of work to the retreat (watching the Hearth, helping tidy up during the day, run messages, etc.). 

Should you wish to donate a scholarship, contact us.