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Meet the Coordinators


Red Tent Hostess & Registration Coordinator

Jamie Strum

Jamie is a lover of trees, books, and Norse mythology. A nurturer and healer at heart, she can typically be found in the Red Tent or chatting by the fire. She is devoted to developing and growing the bonds of Sisterhood.


Lead Fire Tender & Spiritual Events Coordinator

Monica Stover

Monica is a mystic and a witch, a poet and storyteller, an artist and a music-lover. She gravitates toward the dark and shadowed, and is obsessed with labyrinths. Some of her favorite moments are deep one-on-one conversations around the fire, where you will generally find her. She is also an introvert that savors her alone time. If she checks out for a bit, it’s only because she wants to enjoy hanging out later! 


Founder, Treasurer, & Workshop Coordinator

Kat Frederick

Kat loves humor and silliness. She also loves to hear people’s stories and how they got to where they are. She adores genuine and authentic people. You can probably find her anywhere, but she prefers her chair near her tent.


Hearth Hostess & Kitchen Coordinator

Jen Brehm

Is there something you forgot for the retreat? Check with Jen, changes are she either has it or a substitute for it. Serving as the Kitchen Witch is a natural fit as she finds her greatest satisfaction in developing a home-away-from-home feel and creating a welcoming environment for everyone. Always looking to learn more, her current focus of study is herbs and plants. She is continuously experimenting with incense, oils, and teas so don’t hesitate to ask to try a tea blend and strike up a conversation over a cup. 

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